Coliving Build it in Bogotá

Welcome to 'Build it in Bogotá'—a unique blend of community, creativity, and privacy in Colombia's vibrant capital. Located just a block from Parque El Virrey, in the most exclusive neighborhood, our 6200 sqft apartment offers seven bedrooms designed for safety, privacy, and connection.

Dive into a world where solitude meets social interaction, ideas thrive, and dreams soar. Our weekly events range from kitchen nights to yoga mornings, perfect for fostering new passions and connections. Whether starting a business, advancing a project, or embarking on a new chapter of life, our co-living space is your springboard for growth and innovation. Experience the future of living in Bogotá's heart.

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Premium Rooms


We believe in the power and importance of co-creating. We design collaborative spaces for housing, working, and enriching experiences to bring people together and offer them a lifestyle that awakens their creativity and enhances their opportunities.

Our community is able to experience great ideas in private and shared spaces that stimulate the senses, such as co-working, movie room, rooftop BBQ, and more.

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